How to do homework quickly

Homework can be annoying and take too much time, which you would like to devote to something more fascinating. When you have to do a lot of homework, it can be difficult to work effectively. Concentration, organization, planning and motivation will help you quickly cope with your homework and switch to more interesting activities.

Work in a comfortable, well-lit room. Sit at the table in a comfortable, soft chair. Don’t work on the floor or bed, as these places can cause drowsiness and make you distracted.  You have to work in a room with good lighting, so you do not have to strain your eyes while reading.

Get rid of distractions, connect and set aside electronic devices. Turn off the phone, computer (if, of course, you don’t need it for work), TV and close the door. Inform your family and friends that you aren’t disturbed when you are doing homework.

Download applications that block websites so that you don’t get distracted while working with your computer.

Set the timer. At the beginning of each task or topic, run the timer for as many minutes as you need to complete the work. Periodically look at the timer to monitor the flow of time. This will help you understand that you spend too much time on one task (if that happens), and also concentrate again when you digress.

If anyone task or topic takes much longer than others, it may be worth asking for help from the parents or the teacher.

Make a homework plan. Instead of grabbing the first book you got and doing homework, plan everything in advance. There are several ways that you can help you plan your homework:

Decide how much time you want to spend on homework in general;

Make a list of all the tasks that you need to perform;

Determine how much time you will have for each task to finish the job at the desired time;

Move strictly along the list, deleting tasks as they are performed.

Take breaks. You will not get the job done faster if you sit over it for hours without rest. Approximately every 25 minutes take a break for 5 minutes to walk a little, warm up and give the brain and body the opportunity to rest a little.