Surviving graduate work

  • Years or collecting specific information must have made real monster from who you were before. Time to rise and shine has creeped unnoticed, what makes you fade more.  The last thing is recommended to avoid in all the possible ways. When time goes by, you understand – some period comes to an end. In this case we’re talking about studying, one of the most productively spent parts of your life. So, after all you have to present the product and this is the most difficult.

The subject of studying gets totally clear with years, but structuring the whole thing seems almost impossible. Your graduate work is built not only on the knowledges, but profession-oriented practicing, which means you have already seen you sphere from the inside.  As it is the final step you end your studying with, it will show if you’re ready to take that responsibility of work and do it without any supervision, on your own. This huge project is to systematize the whole theory, connect it with practical experience and voila!

Responsibility is waiting for you at your future work, so if you meet earlier – you’ll faster destroy the strangers’ barrier in order to become comrades. This task must be done with it’s help, so use it. Here is the only variant of event scenario – to succeed and get desired qualification. Let it be your logo.

Listen to your curators. You’ll have at least one person to lead you, follow your thoughts and guide you at the  last time. This help has to be minimal, because this work is to prepare serious specialist, who will not have another one above, to choose right paths and directions. Try to understand and enjoy this feeling of independence. Because it is the way of your living and acting in mature life you start.

We all ask for a help, but the best help is one, which shows the possibility you will take/use by yourself. Not doing something for someone, but sharing the  technic of how this can be done. Knowledge is the light.